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Jane Blanken-Webb, Imani Palmer, Roy H. Campbell, Nicholas C. Burbules, and Masooda Bashir, “Cybersecurity Ethics,” in Foundations of Information Ethics, ed. John Burgess and Emily Knox (Chicago, IL: American Library Association, Expected 2018).


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Palmer, Imani, et al. "Digital forensics education: a multidisciplinary curriculum model." International Conference on Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime. Springer, Cham, 2015.

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Nagy, Stefan, et al. "An Empirical Study on Current Models for Reasoning about Digital Evidence." SADFE 2015 (2015): 47.

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Palmer, Imani, Boris Gelfand, and Roy Campbell. "Exploring Digital Evidence with Graph Theory." (2017).

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Palmer, Imani, Boris Gelfand, and Roy Campbell. "Towards Sound Analysis of Digital Evidence. In Submission to the Journal of Digital Forensic, Security and Law, (JDFSL), 2017.


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Palmer, Imani, Stefan Nagy, Roy Campbell, and Masooda Bashir. “Developing a Digital Forensics Curriculum: An Education Initiative for Digital Forensics Curriculum Standardization.” Coordinated Science Lab Student Conference, CSL. 2015.

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